1 x VESTAS V29 For Sale

Fully Refurbished incl Warranty


Manufacturer: Vestas

Model: V29

Product ID: 61559977be7d8ca

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VESTAS V29 – 225/50kW Wind Turbine For Sale

 Fully Refurbished – incl Warranty



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Northern Ireland Buyers!


  • Delivery and turnkey package availablee
  • Full bi-yearly service  available
  • Full Extended 5 Year Warranty available
  • Availability (Up-Time) Assurance Cover available
  • 48 hour Call out repair guaranteee available
  • 100% loss of revenue cover for outage exceeding 48 hours available

This turbine comes from Scandinavia with full service history available and is in mint condition. The turbine will be refurbished by one of our leading affiliated refurbishing partners in Holland or Denmark. After care service including above additional warranty, availability (Up-Time) guarantee and loss of revenue insurance available to Northern Ireland buyers only. Subject to Terms & Conditions of our affiliated service provider.




1 x Vestas V29 – 225/50kW- (50Hz)

  • Built 1995 – 1st commissioned in 1996
  • 30m Tower – can be supplied with 2 or 3 sections for ease of transport
  • 40m Tower (30m original with 10m extension section) available upon request
  • 29m Rotor Diameter
  • Top Flange of Foundation Ring included in price
  • New foundation can/drum available upon request

Sales price includes:

  • Complete Turbine – Tower, Nacelle, Blades, Hub, Controller & Original Top Flange of Foundation Ring 

Sales Price includes following Services:

  • Dismantling
  • Transport to work shop
  • Full Refurbishment incl. blades
  • Delivery to door




  • Turbine type: Vestas V29 – 225/50
  • Nominal Output: 225kW and 50kW – (50Hz)
  • Rotor diameter: 29m
  • Tower Height: 30m (40m upon request)
  • Turbine Type: Pitch controlled
  • Built in 1995 – 1st commissioned in 1996 


  • Configuration: 3 Blades Horizontal Axis, Upwind
  • Rated Power: 225kW/50kW/690V


  • Rotor Diameter: 29m


  • Siemens/ABB
  • Rated Power: 225kW/50kW/690V


  • Hansen/Flender/Valmet/Metso Drive/Moventas/Kumera


  • Monopole Steel
  • 30m – one section – also available in 2 or 3 sections for ease of transport (tower will be cut into 2 or 3 pieces on request)

Sales price includes:

  • Complete Turbine – Tower, Nacelle, Blades, Hub, Controller & Top Flange of Foundation Ring 


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