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Vestas V52 – 850kW (50z)

  • Rated output: 850 kW
  • Tower Height: 62 m – 3 sections
  • Rotor Diameter: 52 m
  • Year of build: 2000 & 2001
  • Full manufacturers specifications, users guide and service manuals available.

This bespoken and popular Vestas V52 – 850kW (50Hz) industrial wind turbine is the one of the most robust wind turbine of its size and time.

The V52-850 kW turbine is one of the most versatile turbines on the market. With over 3,700 installations world wide, the V52 is suitable for high and medium wind speeds, it’s compact and easy to transport. It can be installed at low cost all over the world, from China to Germany. During transportation you can even get three blades on one truck.

This turbine is ideal for isolated areas as well as more populated ones. It has high availability and a broad range of tower heights, meaning it’s suitable for any situation. And with over 3,700 installed world-wide, the V52-850 kW has one of the strongest track records of any on the market, providing the business case certainty you need when investing in energy.

Pitch regulated system
One of the factors that contribute to the success of the V52 is OptiTip®, its pitch regulation system. This system features microprocessors that continuously adjust the pitch of the blades to maintain optimal blade angles in relation to the prevailing wind.

Technical Data

Year of Build
2000 & 2001

Operational data
Cut-in wind speed: 4 m/s
Nominal wind speed: 16 m/s
Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s

Diameter: 52 m
Area swept: 2,124 m2
Nominal revolutions: 26 rpm
Operational interval: 14.0-31.4 rpm
Number of blades: 3
Power regulation: Pitch/OptiSpeed®
Air brake: Full blade pitch

62m tubular steel – 3 sections

Type: Asynchronous with wound rotor, slip rings and VCS
Nominal output: 850 kW
Operational data: 50 Hz/ 690 V

Type: One planetary stage, two helical stages

Type: Microprocessor-based monitoring of all turbine functions, as well as OptiSpeed® output regulation and OptiTip®


This is a great opportunity for any investor to start a new ‘single turbine’ wind farm project for a fraction (20%) of the price of a new turbine of this make and size. This turbine is in mint condition and has a life span of another 15 years if serviced and maintained regularly. This turbine is still on-grid and can be viewed in operation.

These five turbines are still in operation !

Full Service History available and service has been scheduled and performed throughout its operation. All service reports available

The Vestas V52 is a very well proven machines and was one of Vestas’ best designs and success stories. Like all Vestas turbine models, the V52 design has proven to be extremely reliable with 98% up-time each year for the first 10 years and rarely below 95% up-time for the following 10 years.



Wind Turbine Description- Vestas V52- 850kW.pdf

VESTAS V52 brochure

This wind turbine comes complete for 50hz on-grid operation.

Requires conversion prior to connection to 60hz grid !!

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