NRG Symphony Data Logger – Internet Ready Wind Monitor System for Sale

  • City: Randallstown
  • Country: Northern Ireland
  • Phone: +44 (0) 117 244 93 53
  • Country: Northern Ireland
  • City: Randallstown
  • Listed: 01/10/2014 6:10 am


  • Internet Ready!

  • 1.5 years old – 

  • Still in operation (can be viewed operating)

  • On 30m NRG Mast

  • 3 x NRG #40 Calibrated Anemometers currently operating @ 15m, 20m and 30m)

  • NRG #200P Wind Vane

  • Symphony GSM iPack

  • Built in PV Power Supply system incl. PV Panel

  • Temperature Sensor Pack

  • Data Logger Housing with 2 pad locks

  • Mounting booms and all associated cabling



This System produces ‘Bankable’ data in 10 seconds interval which can be send to four separate email addresses in either daily – weekly or monthly intervals!

Date of system installation: 2nd February 2012 – Logger serial no. 309003469

Tower Manufacturer & Model: NRG Series 1 30m met mast

Detailed diameter of tower sections: Uniform 150 mm diameter tube from base to 30m

Guy set intervals: 9m, 18m, 27m

Instrument mounting boom dimensions:

  • NRG Anemometer Boom length: 1.5m Boom diameter: 14mm Vertical separation from Boom to cup centre: 230mm
  • NRG Wind vane Boom length: 1.5m Boom diameter: 14mm Vertical separation from Boom to vane: 185mm

Instrument Details – Anemometers

  • A1: 30m NRG #40 calibrated anemometer Serial No. 185309 extended at 270 degrees connected to channel no.1
  • A2: 30m NRG #40 calibrated anemometer Serial No. 185305 extended at 90 degrees connected to channel No.2
  • A3: 15m NRG #40 calibrated anemometer Serial No. 195236 extended at 90 degrees connected to channel No.3

Wind vane: 1 x NRG 200P wind vane installed at 28m, extended at 360 degrees, connected to channel no.7



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